Extension Agent, ANR, Halifax County

Company Name:
Virginia Tech
This position is housed in Halifax County, Virginia. Halifax County was founded in 1752, and the town of Halifax serves as the county seat. The county has a rich agricultural heritage and tradition. Local attractions include numerous cultural and historical sites, South Boston Speedway, beautiful state parks, and abundant hunting, fishing, and recreational opportunities. 2014 marks the 104th anniversary of the Halifax County Fair. For more information on Halifax County visit / and /.
The VCE-Halifax ANR Extension agent will emphasize the following areas: Develop new markets, educate producers about the potential for new markets, and connect growers with markets. Assist producers with understanding the forces that create opportunities for collaborative marketing efforts. Increase producer development of value-added agricultural products. Increase producer understanding and potential adoption of specialized product opportunities such as aquaculture, viticulture, small fruit production, and others as identified. Support producer efforts to diversify. Collaborate on the development and expansion of agritourism enterprises and events. Develop and expand web-based marketing efforts. Partner with--and provide technical assistance to--various producer organizations. Pursue and collaborate on grant applications such as the Governor's Agriculture and Forest Industries Development Fund, Governor's Innovation Program, and Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission, among others. Collaborate with county, state, and federal departments and agencies to support the goals of agricultural producers. Work closely with Extension colleagues, the County Ag Committee, Extension Leadership Council, and stakeholders to insure responsiveness to evolving issues and needs as identified.
Extension agents recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the development and delivery of Extension programs, actively work to diversify program participation and are responsible for VCE's civil rights policies and compliance with affirmative action.

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