? Enterprise Communications Applications Research Assistant

Company Name:
Virginia Tech
As a member of the Enterprise Communications Applications engineering team, the Research Assistant will work closely with staff engineers tasked with the development, design, and implementation of new communication technologies and services at Virginia Tech. The Research Assistant will have two core functions with responsibilities including but not limited to:
1. Applications Engineer: Assist in the research and analysis of pertinent applications and technology solutions in anticipation of future demands. Assist in the development and improvement of new and existing web based tools and applications to improve unified communications. Utilize expertise to diagnose and resolve complex system problems.
2. Technology Lab Assistant: Assist engineering staff in the installation, setup, and configuration of lab hardware and related network infrastructure and installation/ maintenance of software applications and scripts. Create and maintain detailed documentation of lab networks and web services. Perform miscellaneous tasks as needed including but not limited to acquiring/ returning hardware and supplies from the warehouse; assistance in relocation of furniture and related office work spaces, and maintenance of appropriate inventory documentation. Setup and maintain lab servers as required.

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