Research Associate, Environ, Restoration & Water Quality

Company Name:
Virginia Tech
The position concerns environmental restoration of lands and waters affected by human activities in the Appalachian region of USA. The successful candidate will assist and support scientific research that concerns development and effectiveness of methods intended to reduce contaminant concentrations in water discharges while restoring other ecosystem services on mined lands. These activities will include establishment and maintenance of automated equipment to monitor discharged effluents and streams below mine sites for water quality and quantity; obtaining physical samples of those waters; monitoring mining and reclamation operations to document spoil handling and reclamation practices; managing and screening data obtained from automated equipment for quality control; analyzing water samples for quality parameters in laboratories. The successful candidate will also provide support and assistance to other related research activities, including research to monitor and assess field performance improved American chestnut trees of genotypes that are intended to display blight resistant and favorable growth forms.

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