Senior Economic Development Specialist

Company Name:
Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech's Office of Economic Development is seeking a senior specialist with an interest in both technology-based economic development and community economic development. The office provides leadership for the university and the Commonwealth in these areas. Recently this has included leading a $1.7 million effort to support new product development and process improvements in transportation equipment manufacturing funded by the US Economic Development Administration. The office has also spearheaded partnerships managing almost $9 million from the US Department of Labor to develop and implement advanced training programs in green building and health information technology.
The senior specialist will develop and conduct applied research and technical assistance projects and provide leadership for the unit on collaborative design and implementation of projects. This position, reporting to the director of the office, is a restricted calendar year, administrative and professional faculty appointment.
Design and implement projects addressing economic and community development needs across Virginia on subjects such as research commercialization, manufacturing extension, distributed research centers, strategic innovation partnerships, asset-based development, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning.
This requires the senior specialist to undertake the following:
- Conduct diverse forms of research and analysis such as economic impact and feasibility studies, market analysis, cluster studies, strategic planning, and program design and evaluation with emphasis on economically distressed areas in Virginia. Prepare reports and deliver public presentations to project clients and other stakeholder's derived from that research.
- Write and submit sponsored project proposals, including scope of work, budget development, and secure funding from national, state, and local sources to support up a substantial portion of salary and fringe for this position.
- Serve as principal investigator on large, multi-partner sponsored projects. This involves developing detailed project scopes and budgets, managing project deliverables and implementation, write final reports and disseminate findings to appropriate audiences.
- Develop contacts with current and potential clients across the public, private, and non-profit sectors through regular travel around the state, active participation in professional associations, and other marketing activities of the unit.
- Build strong relationships with academic departments at the university, including faculty as partners in projects and assisting departments with other educational activities such as teaching or service on student committees.
-Provide leadership for the unit in collaboratively developing and implementing project activities, organizing and facilitating a monthly project meeting for the unit. This involves facilitating work teams among faculty to explore funding opportunities, develop proposals, and manage implementation. Related to these activities the Senior Specialist undertakes the following:
- Participate in the internal evaluation and conduct impact assessments of past projects.
- Participate in recruiting, selecting, and managing graduate assistants and undergraduate interns.

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